at home in san francisco, a year before I left for my "life churn"

This blog My Unplanned Adventure began with my own journey when I decided I needed a “life churn.” I gave up my apartment in San Francisco, put my belongings into storage, lent my car to a friend, and flew to Brazil. My intention was to stay for four months and spend three of them in Rio. My journey wound up spanning more than 16 months, and included time in Colombia, Argentina, and some other short trips to Iceland and France. I rediscovered my intuition after burying it in the patterns of adulthood. I came back to the United States convinced that travel and the internal and external journeys would always be a strong part of my life, to help me uncover my deepest instincts and remain alive and awake to the world.

You can see the churn's effect by the time I reached Northeastern Brazil

This site is about my story and yours. How has travel opened you up? What have your journeys taught you? We want to feel the texture and surprises and laughs of your journey, and what they provoked inside you. How did you come back differently, and did those changes stick? Tell us about your transformational–or even mildly transformational–travel, and we will tell you about ours. Your journeys could even be within your own zip code. You don’t actually have to go far from home to travel.

About Me

My name is Sasha Cagen. Traveling helps me to crack open to new ways of seeing the world. I love meeting people and learning new languages and therefore new ways of seeing. I have written two books. My books are Quirkyalone and To-Do List.

I was born in Rhode Island, a wee state between Massachusetts and Connecticut. I currently live in Oakland, California. My travel list includes many bs, including Buenos Aires, Bali, Berlin, Barcelona, Belgium (where my travel best friend lives), and Bhutan.

I’m writing a book about all these quirky adventures, hop on my list and you’ll get inspiration for your quirky, unplanned life and adventures and news of the book’s publication

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4 responses to “About

  1. Shay

    Oh my god! You are living my life! Or rather what it is supposed to be…hehe
    I am in LOVE been there yet. I will make my first steps on Brazilian soil in Rio in November. I have many online Brazilian friends and will met some of them while in Rio and then in Fortaleza where I will meet my best Brazilian friend who is helping me learn Portuguese. I wish I could say I know it fairly well but I would be lying..haha
    To spend as many months in Brazil as a gringa seems like a sugar filled dream to me right now.
    Reading your blog fascinates me and makes me want to cry at the same time..haha
    How I want to be traveling in your shoes doing exactly what you are doing…blogging about your adventures along the way.
    I am afraid that once I visit Rio I will not want to come home but sadly I will have to. But I plan on having a great adventure while I am there! hehe

  2. jantango

    That’s how I live…no plan. Being present in the moment is the way; I learned that dancing tango. The only to-do list I make is for the day. If I don’t finish it, there is always tomorrow.

  3. Hey Sasha,

    I’m excited to start reading about your adventures in Brazil – I’m heading that way myself this summer! I’m volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia in July and August and am then planning to travel on into Peru and Brazil.

    Since I’m travelling alone, it would be great to get some idea about what it will be like as a solo lady in South America!

    I’m a Quirkyalone (or technically one half of a Quirkytogether) who’s been out of touch for a few years (hence me only just discovering this blog) but am ready to get back in touch with the world.

    Glad to see that you’re having fun!

    Sian x

  4. Lasha

    You are soo inspiring to me. I am 25 and in September I am leaving my job, first stop Ecuador. I “plan” to go wherever the wind blows me next. I will also be a solo traveler and reading your stuff is so encouraging to me. I worry about the financial outcome of this but know I’m supposed to do it. I write a lot, but have never done anything professional with my writing.. I want to write, travel, explore, and connect! Thank for all you do!!

    Kind Regards,

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